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illustrated greeting cards
personalised & bespoke designs
wedding stationery

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Writing by the Water

PaperTwigs takes time to inspire people
to send love + paper hugs.

To take time out of our busy, digital driven worlds + find a connection with nature and wellbeing through writing + stationary. Remember getting lost in diary writing as a little kid? Or leaving sweet little notes out for people to find? The moment you connect pen on paper + choose to take time to write a message to someone, is a moment you create a lasting memory. Hold on to those old cards + letters.. For one day they will be so special for you to hold in your hands + let the handwriting take you back to that time. I still dearly hold onto letters my lovely Nana sent me over 20 years ago, I am so grateful to be able to now can share them with my mother and my son. And we can laugh together, fondly remembering those times.

A simple card or letter holds a remarkable power to convey love, gratitude + cherished memories.  


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Micro business awards finalist 2024

Meath style awards finalist 2024

PaperTwigs is a bespoke stationery & illustration studio based in the heart of the Boyne Valley, Co Meath, Ireland.



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