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All about me!

Sometimes all we need is a little kindness - Be the reason someone smiles today


Kathryn + Jac

PaperTwigsDesigns is a small card and gift company created by designer Kathryn Leonard.

Based in her countryside home studio in

Co Meath, Kathryn combines her love of creating along with motherhood. 

PaperTwigs has grown from the inspiration of creating unique and beautiful cards & gifts to enhance moments in the lives of you & your loved ones.  The simplicity of that warm and fuzzy feeling you get upon giving & receiving is Kathryn's motivation to continue designing new pieces.


The aesthetics of nature, powerful quotes, inspiration from music and lyrics all feature in her work. With much of the designs rooted in celebrating love, family, home and friendship. 

With a background in Art & Aesthetics, Kathryn enjoys  exploring a wide range of mediums to create artwork with depth and meaning. Collections feature pieces with simple messages, hand drawn graphics and layered mixed media. 


Quality of goods and attention to detail are a strong factor in PaperTwigsDesigns,

ensuring that each order is completed to perfection. 

Custom designs and special requests are welcomed xx

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